Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I am reviving this blog! I decided that the best way to encourage myself to stitch more would be to join itsdaffycat's TUSAL. So, this is the first ORT of the year, courtesy of my horrible phone camera. The threads are from my Dimensions kit that my sister got for me (Poppy Pair) The stitching on that is coming along quite nicely. I've got all the flowers done, now I need to do the leaves and stems, so there should be a lot of green in there next time.

Some of my stitching projects for this year:

Poppy Pair (Dimensions Kit)
Tiger Chilling (Dimensions Kit)
Mariner's Light (Dimensions Kit)
Colour Pop Sampler (Cross Stitcher Magazine)
Attack on Titan Character Banner (My Own Pattern)
Legend of Korra Character Banner (My Own Pattern)

I'll try my very best to keep on track and keep stitching. A lot of big things happening for me this year. Graduation, 18th birthday, college, and plenty more. Here's to 2014!

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