Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cross Stitch Update

Hi everyone (?) Sorry I haven't posted anything in the last month. My computer is barely holding onto life by a thread, and I can't change the font or post pictures unless they are from the internet.

Right now, the cross stitching is going quite well actually. I worked on another little sprite, which I am now using as a binder decoration. This one is Nightstar, one of my favorite superhero ladies of all time. I'm working on a birthday present for my mom, a towel with a citrus pattern on it. (I chose that one because it had no french knots.) That is going smoothly. I feel sort of swamped right now, with school, contest entries, and presents. It's too bad because there are so many patterns I want to stitch right now. I even want to learn plastic canvas. I wish there were more hours in the day. Oh well.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birthday Gift

Here is the picture of my friend's pillow. I hope she likes it. I had no idea making a pillow took so much work. I would still do it again, though. I had fun.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Gift

What am I doing?

On Sunday, I decided I would make my friend a cross stitched pillow for her birthday, which is Saturday. I created a design that was based off the pixel people I have seen weelittlestitches do. I turned her into a cross stitch. So I went to Michaels on Sunday and bought cloth, stuffing, fabric, some buttons, and floss. I started when I got home. With school this week, I have had a lot less time than I hoped I would to work. Luckily, I finished the actual cross stitching today, and I pinned the fabric, and I am currently hand stitching the pillow. It is going very...very...very...slowly. I've stayed up until midnight every night this week to work on this. But fear not! The end is in sight! I'll put up pictures tomorrow or Saturday when I am finished with it.

Wish me luck,
Teenage Cross Stitcher

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I don't think I'm your average 16-year old. Some of my favorite shows are Little House on the Prairie, I Love Lucy, and Happy Days. On the other hand, I also enjoy cartoons like Young Justice, The Legend of Korra, and Adventure Time. I prefer classical or instrumental music over Nicky Minaj and Justin Bieber. (I actually don't like either of those two.) I have never owned a video game system, don't have a laptop, and only just recently got a cell phone that I leaved turned off the majority of the time.
I work hard in school to juggle 2 A.P. courses, one honors course, a drawing course, along with 2 clubs and volunteering. Someday, I would love to professionally illustrate or cartoon, so right now I am looking into scholarships and contest opportunities.
But for now, I like to enjoy my leisure time. Drawing is my main hobby, and I couldn't live without it, but I also cross stitch and latch hook. With my latch hooking, I do my own designs, but for right now, I use patterns for cross stitching. I'm working on making my own patterns. I'm not sure what it is about cross stitch, but it always feels so relaxing to stitch, and to watch the thread create a design.
I'll be showcasing my triumphs in cross stitching, along with some of my failures (the deadly french knot) and showing the progress I have made in various projects. Any advice or ideas from other cross stitchers is well appreciated.

Talk to you soon,
Teenage Cross Stitcher.