Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey everyone! Time for the TUSAL ORT Jar check in.

My lovely little jar is getting fuller all the time! This is such a fun way to keep track of my stitching progress, and I don't leave all those little ends lying everywhere, which my parents hate. The jar is filling up with a multitude of pretty colors from all the Turtle Trot Projects I have going on. Can't wait to see what the next check in brings.
Until next time,
Teenage Cross Stitcher

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break Update

 Hi everyone!
I just realized, I never really show work other than my Turtle Trot pieces. So here is one of my many, many lovely pieces that I start and stop on constantly.

This is my Geisha Beauty piece from Dimensions Gold Collection. I started working on it about a year ago. I was still in the beginning stages of my cross stitch obsession, so I got the kit from Michael's in an attempt to get something small that would be a quick stitch. I had no idea that the Gold Collection mini kits would be so detailed. Really, I only work on this one a little bit at a time, but I do love it.

Here is another view of the piece, this time with the pattern in the corner. See all those different colored highlights? That is the result of losing a ton of markers over the years.
Until next time,
Teenage Cross Stitcher

Monday, March 10, 2014

Turtle Trot March

Hey there, fellow stitchers! I have some great progress on a couple of my pieces and one finish! I really honed in on three pieces, so there are only three progress pictures to post, but I'm still very proud of the work I did this month.
First things first: Poppy Pair. I have finished the half stitching on this one and have started the backstitching. I don't think I am going to stitch the words that go in the background, though. They don't actually say anything, and everyone I have asked thinks it would look fine without them. Really glad to be almost done with this one.
Mariner's Light: I am having too much fun working on this piece. There's a lot of detail, but at the same time, it's a small piece, so I feel like it is going pretty fast. This is a fun one to tackle if I have a lot of time and I want to watch a bit of TV in the background.
Finally, I have my first 2014 finish! I finished Tall Flowers two weeks ago, and I am so happy with how it looks. This one was pretty easy to do, and it is such a pretty pattern. I really like Just Nan patterns right now. I think I'll go out and buy myself another one soon. I'm not sure what I will do with this one. I'll probably frame it soon, but for now it goes with my other finished stitchwork (which believe me is a very small pile.)
That's it for my Turtle Trot pieces this month! I hope to have a lot more done by April, and hopefully I can have Poppy Pair finished by then.
Until next time,
Teenage Cross Stitcher

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pixel Me

Hi everybody! I've been working on little stitches on the side lately, and one quick piece I've done is a pixel version of a superhero I created. I think I'll be making this one into a bookmark, seeing as I usually just put the book down pages down, which is really bad for them. Besides, I really wanted to get a piece done quickly I could feel productive. Still working on my Turtle Trot pieces on the side, and those are coming along quite well, and you'll get to see the progress on them on the 10th.

Until next time,
Teenage Cross Stitcher

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Happy first day of March! I can't believe this year is going by so fast already. Here's my next ORT jar update. Stitching has been going very well lately. I've already finished two pieces and am working like crazy on my other ones. Luckily, all the rainy days we've been having lately in California lend themselves well to relaxing and cross stitching. More pictures soon on that!

My ORT jar has been getting filled up nicely lately. There have been pieces of thread from my cross stitching and embroidery projects, so a lot has been going in there. Even better, it's more of a rainbow of colors now, so the jar looks very pretty. I'm excited to see it filled up!

Until next time,
Teenage Cross Stitcher