Thursday, April 10, 2014

Turtle Trot April

It's time for the April Turtle Trot check in! I have some lovely progress to show on two pieces, and one finish. First off, a new piece: Colour Pop Sampler.
This one was from Cross Stitcher Magazine. I decided to start it because I was getting restless working on some of my other projects. All the supplies were there, and it was just too tempting to not start. I love the vibrant colors on this piece, and it is simple enough that it goes quickly and easily.

Next, here is a bit more of Sleeping Angel. I now have all the white stitched and am working on finishing the dark green. This is a fun piece to work on, and linen is so easy to count on now, so I'm not spending twenty minutes trying to find my place.
And finally, my finish! I'm done with Poppy Pair! My sister gave me this in August for my birthday and I started it in September. For the last 6 months I've been working on it off and on (mostly off) and I finally have it done. Even the French knots, which I am proud to report, are no longer the threat I used to believe them to be.

I'm so happy with the final result.

That's all for this month! Happy Stitching everyone.
Until next time,
Teenage Cross Stitcher


  1. Nice pieces. I look forward to seeing more progress on the WIP's. Love your finish. I did that one a couple of years ago for a friend who wanted it for her handicapped daughter. They really liked it. It was a fun stitch. Great job on yours.

  2. Great progress on your two pieces! Major Congrats on your fantastic finish!!

  3. Congratulations on finishing the Poppy Pair piece! Good to hear that linen is becoming easier to work on for. Before long that is all you will want to stitch on. :) What vibrant colors on the sampler piece. Happy Stitching!!!

  4. Your Poppy Pear looks beautiful! I love the bright colors in your new sampler. I also like to stitch on linen (and everything else).

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous stitching. The poppies look wonderful and the top one looks so vibrant. I can't wait to see more progress on that!