Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break Update

 Hi everyone!
I just realized, I never really show work other than my Turtle Trot pieces. So here is one of my many, many lovely pieces that I start and stop on constantly.

This is my Geisha Beauty piece from Dimensions Gold Collection. I started working on it about a year ago. I was still in the beginning stages of my cross stitch obsession, so I got the kit from Michael's in an attempt to get something small that would be a quick stitch. I had no idea that the Gold Collection mini kits would be so detailed. Really, I only work on this one a little bit at a time, but I do love it.

Here is another view of the piece, this time with the pattern in the corner. See all those different colored highlights? That is the result of losing a ton of markers over the years.
Until next time,
Teenage Cross Stitcher

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  1. Wow she is really pretty. Yeah those kits are crazy detailed. Some of the "easy" kits sure aren't.