Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Gift

What am I doing?

On Sunday, I decided I would make my friend a cross stitched pillow for her birthday, which is Saturday. I created a design that was based off the pixel people I have seen weelittlestitches do. I turned her into a cross stitch. So I went to Michaels on Sunday and bought cloth, stuffing, fabric, some buttons, and floss. I started when I got home. With school this week, I have had a lot less time than I hoped I would to work. Luckily, I finished the actual cross stitching today, and I pinned the fabric, and I am currently hand stitching the pillow. It is going very...very...very...slowly. I've stayed up until midnight every night this week to work on this. But fear not! The end is in sight! I'll put up pictures tomorrow or Saturday when I am finished with it.

Wish me luck,
Teenage Cross Stitcher

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